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Vacant Committee Roles

Vacant Committee Roles

Alex Branton31 Aug 2023 - 10:48
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We're still looking for 2 vital members of the 2023-24 committee...

Ladies Club Captain

The Club Captain provides a central point of contact, and is the vital link, for members within the club. The role of the Club Captain is to represent the views of the playing members and contribute to the development of the club by providing thoughts and comments from a player’s perspective at committee.

Key aspects of the role
Lead on all playing matters:
Chair selection committee, monitor pitch allocation, mentor and support team captains, coaches and umpire coordinators. Be a positive role model. Lead on disciplinary issues. Encourage club members to be involved in social and voluntary activities and welcome new members.
Lead on administrative matters:
Ensure captains or nominated senior players execute their responsibilities for pre and post-match administration such as the timely submission of league match results, scorecard information, catering arrangements for home matches etc.
Attend monthly committee meeting to report upon delivery of hockey at the Club.

Is this role for you?
If you are attempting to further develop your leadership and communication skills, could you fulfil this respected role in the club and provide a vital service.

Club Welfare Officer

While safeguarding is the responsibility of everyone within the club (led by the Club committee), having a Club Welfare Officer (or officers) ensures the club has a dedicated person with the primary responsibility for managing and reporting concerns about children or adults at risk and implementing England Hockey’s Safeguarding and Protecting Young People in Hockey Policy & Reporting Procedures  

Key aspects of the role
Lead on the implementation of the Club’s and England Hockey’s safeguarding policy and procedures whilst acting as the point of contact with England’s Hockey Ethics and Welfare team. Undertake England Hockey’s relevant training.

Administer and keep appropriate records of the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks ensuring that the relevant volunteers have up to date qualifications.

Liaise and work with others to promote best practice in relation to young people i.e. medical records, parent contacts, travel plans, juniors in senior teams, parent engagement.

Advise and keep the Club committee informed on safeguarding issues. Keep records of concerns, ensuring confidentiality whilst sharing information on a need-to-know basis.

Is this role for you?
If you have experience of safeguarding in another setting or have relevant basic knowledge of safeguarding, inclusion and diversity issues could you fulfil this respected role in the club and provide a vital service.

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